V1604 Get Paid to Speak

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“Get Paid to Speak” is our most anticipated and well-attended event of the year!  Intense speaker training for the novice to most seasoned speaking professional.


Session 1: Abby Stephens & Shelly Coray: Get Yourself Unstuck: Are you doing these 3 things that have you stuck?

Session 2: Kent Merrell: Ideas that Work – The Discipline of Direct

Session 3: Eric Needles: You’re in front of the decision maker, now what?

Session 4: Jeanie Cisco-Meth: Crack The Personality Code and Take It To The BANK

Session 5: Darin Adams: Automate Your Marketing and Multiply Yourself

Session 6: Donna Carol Voss: Build Your Blog Audience By Taking a Strong Stand In Your Writing

Session 7: Matt Soren: Build the Best Social Media Strategy for Your Speaking Business

Session 8: Jeff Vanek: Don’t Let Your Day Job Prevent You From Being A Speaker

Session 9: Dave Reed: How Technology is Changing the Way Speakers Get Booked

Session 10: Rob Ferre: Be the Master of Ceremonies and Double your Value

Session 11: Kristi Govertsen: Strategic Storytelling: The Art of Gracefully Leveraging Your Stagetime

Session 12: Michelle McCullough: Speak for Free and Get Paid with Product Offerings

Session 13: Dr. Russ Gaede: Who is holding you accountable beside yourself?

Session 14: Elain Witt: “Delicious!” Presentations that Are Fresh, Bold and Satisfying