Your Bio Has Weird   ’s

DIAGNOSIS:  Go to the “Find a Speaker Page” on and select your bio, look for funky fonts and characters.

  1. Don’t see any, ignore this.
  2. See   ’s in your bio, follow these instructions:

PROBLEM: Within your eSpeakers profile, there are ‘marks’. These marks look like this:      These marks are ‘spaces’ or extra carriage returns that occur within a Word document. They are invisible in the Word doc. They are also invisible when you paste your profile (from Word) into the eSpeakers profile section. However, when the data gets transmitted to our website these Word instructions suddenly appear as Â


(HINT: This works best if you have two computer screens/windows so you can see both your www.tohirespeakers bio and your eSpeakers Account simultaneously.)

Here is the fix. Log into your eSpeakers account. Place the cursor every where that these extra spaces (or marks) appear … backspace out all of the spaces … then add a space again. Do this in your eSpeakers profile section. If you do this in Word and re-paste the same thing could occur.

 IMPORTANT  e Speakers refreshes at midnight every night so you can check the next day to ensure everything has been fixed.