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Your organization will love Brandon's creativity, the new acronyms he has designed to help them build confidence, see above the average bar of performance, motivate them to achieve new heights, and help them overcome the hurdles and road blocks of everyday life. See how his obstacles can become great building blocks to improve your objectives.

As a result, you will experience an event that will help them be more productive, invigorated, and they will come to realize their true talents, all in a way that will quickly improve your bottom line. Brandon is perfect for audiences ranging from school based programs, personal and professional associations, employees, management, and corporate events.

Brandon is a professional motivational speaker and trainer, as well as a business expert. He is the author of the self-help book 101 Ways to sell your house and keep the commission and is finishing his second and third book The ABC's of Business Survival, Revival, and Thrival in the modern economy, and The Watermark Principles.

Brandon has started several companies and is known for his out of the box approach and always finding a winning solution. He made his first million in his twenties. He has successfully coached and mentored dozens of businesses as well as fought cancer twice, survived two critical dump trucks accidents and had to learn to walk and talk again, mentored thousands of youth, and accomplished over 2000 goals all before he was twenty two years old. Now he continues his pursuit of adventure and mentoring businesses while he motivates employees and corporations to perform at a personal best pace every day and the A.C.E. formula to overcome hurdles and make them your strength.

He has had leadership and adventure in all 50 states and in 30 countries including having been presented the 2nd highest award for serving youth in Scouting around the world by the HMS King of Sweden while a guest of the HMS Queen of England in 2007. He has completed a Bachelors in Business, an MBA, and a Doctorate in Entreprenurioral Acquisitions from London, England.

Brandon has extensive experience in many facets of leadership, management, and business across multiple industries. He directed the start-up and growth of four businesses, then served as VP of Sales and also as CEO. Brandon has also had to accelerate his achievements in life when medical problems arose resulting in a long list of achievements. He has been presented two lifesaving awards for courage and heroism from the Boy Scouts of America, as well as most every award from the BSA for Leadership, training and mentoring. He has many records and has received numerous awards for being the Top Salesman, as well as managing his team to excellence.