Travels from: Orem, UT US
LowFee: $500.00
HighFee: $3000.00
Number of Presentations Last Year: 8
Payment: net


Jeni took her first breath of life 28 minutes after she was born. Her parents were told that she would never walk, talk, and would probably be very mentally disabled.

Yeah, right.

She was later diagnosed as having mild to moderate cerebral palsy. When asked what this means, she simply replies, "I wiggle!

Not only does Jeni walk and talk, but she TALKS! She travels, telling her story with everyone that she can. Her story tells of the many adventures and lessons that she has learned while living life inside her very wiggly body.

"Jeni Roper has an engaging presenting style. She has a peaceful presence that holds your attention. It seems to come from her acceptance and love of herself. I dare anyone to listen to her for an hour and not feel connected to yourself. She conceptualizes her life in a way that allows for 'Perfect Imperfection,' knowing that her physical condition doesn't define her, it enhances her. She is full of life, wisdom, insight, and best of all...wiggles!"
~Marco Juracan, Psy.D.

"Jeni creates an atmosphere of emotional safety to not only learn what makes her different, but what makes her very unique. Her ability to teach, takes out the guessing of what makes us all perfectly imperfect."
~ Blu Robinson, LSAC, LPC
~Addict II Athlete Founder

"Jeni Roper is truly one of this world's untapped treasures. She captures the audience from her first word and holds them in the palm of her hand till they leave with a wish that the event were longer. Having suffered anoxia at birth, Jeni struggles to control her body movements and her voice. Beneath a wiggly exterior, Jeni's understanding of personal worth is rock solid."
~Dr. Paul Jenkins, PhD