Travels from: Mona, UT US
LowFee: $1250.00
HighFee: $5000.00
Number of Presentations Last Year: 75
Payment: gross
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Shelly Coray is a wife, mother, inspiring speaker, trainer, and coach. She is the author of "Master Your Mindset: 9 Keys to Gain Control Over the Mess In Your Head" and the founder of The Winner's Edge, a mental strength training program for youth. She created the "Master Your Mindset" coaching program as a way to help you and your team clear away the mental barriers that keep you from success. Through her 16 years involvement in high school athletics as a coach and manager and 20 years as an entrepreneur, Shelly has learned the keys to developing the mindset for success, making and breaking habits, and achieving peak performance. Among all the successes she helps people achieve, most of all she wants to you become the person God made you to be.