Travels from: Springville, UT US
LowFee: $7500.00
HighFee: $10500.00
Number of Presentations Last Year: 19
Payment: gross
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Jesse B. Good, Customer Experience Maximizer

Jesse's unique blend of a hands-on, front-line background has allowed him to facilitate over one million customer service experiences during his twenty-five years in the industry. 

Jesse's results from maximizing customer experiences:

  • Ensured customer happiness and retention
  • Accelerated frequency of purchasing
  • Increased spending on each transaction
  • Multiplied personal recommendations
  • Expanded and engaged customer family
  • Cultivated lasting loyal business relationships

Jesse is an enthusiastic presenter, skilled communicator, and customer service expert. He has over twenty years of hands-on experience in customer-facing positions, starting with his first job delivering newspapers at the age of eleven. Since then, he has been eager to delight customers with awesome experiences, cultivate lasting business relationships, and assist organizations in improving their own service offerings.

Jesse possesses a wide range of skills, resources, and tools with experience in call centers, corporate offices, retail outlets, restaurants, hospitality establishments, and entertainment venues. Along with fifteen years in various leadership roles, he possesses degrees in Recreation Management, Linguistics, and Communications, and is adept at relating to and communicating with clients of other languages, cultures, and backgrounds. He has received accolades from a Regional VP of Operations, as well as company-wide recognition for consistently delivering outstanding customer service and building rapport with clients.

Jesse is a skilled customer service trainer who is passionate about creating relatable, meaningful, and engaging content. He develops, designs, and delivers dynamic and memorable speeches and training courses to help people acquire and utilize advanced skills that improve organizational results and business relationships.

Jesse's clients include:
- Seven Peaks Water Park
- Weatherford International
- FatCats All Out Fun
- Boondocks Fun Center