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Stacy Bernal is not your average speaker. In fact, some may say she's below average. While many speakers may tout about years of success and a blissful, meaningful existence of a life well-lived, Stacy was busy schlepping through life with no real sense of purpose. That is, until she found herself in her early 30s with nothing to show but a steaming pile of failures.

By 2008, Stacy had compiled a few failed attempts at attending college, was failing in her career as a Realtor, her marriage was crumbling, and she even felt like she was failing at motherhood to her autistic son. She had lost custody of her daughter a couple years prior. She was overwhelmed and drifting. While working at a local restaurant, the owners thought it would be fun to have employees run relay teams in the Ogden Marathon. Stacy, who at that time was NOT a runner, signed up for the longest portion of the five-person team: SEVEN daunting miles. She trained for, and hated every minute of it. After that May event, while standing at the finish line, she found herself fascinated by the idea of running a full marathon.

In 2009, just one year after her initial experience with running, Stacy completed her first marathon- all 26.2 miles. Crossing the finish line of that marathon changed Stacy's entire life. No longer was she defined as the person who started something, and then quit when it got too hard. She had evolved from a failure to a finisher. Later that same year, after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship, she found herself and her son broke and nearly homeless. She vowed she would never let her life get that low again.

In January of 2010, Stacy registered for classes at Weber State University. With her newfound strength and motivation, she spent the next three years running a figurative marathon toward the finish line of college graduation. In 2013, at 36 years old, she successfully crossed that finish line, graduating Summa Cum Laude as the Graduate of the Year for Public Relations and Advertising.

Stacy has since run six more marathons, completed two triathlons, and is training for her first 50k race, to be held in the fall of 2017. She's developed a successful career in the Real Estate industry, currently working for the Utah locally owned company, Elevate Home Warranty. She is happily married and raising her two sons in beautiful Ogden. She is active in her community, volunteering and donating to many worthy non-profits, as well as serving on the board of directors for the Weber State University Alumni Association and the board of the Ogden Pub Runners.

Stacy discovered, quite by accident, that sharing her story helped inspire and motivate others. (Turns out people LOVE hearing about failures!) She enjoys empowering others by reminding them of their own greatness. Through humor and hard times, she encourages her audiences to 'Find Their Finish Lines,' whatever they may be.