Candidate Speakers: NSA Mountain West supports speakers who are not yet members of the National Speakers Association---our Candidates---by providing professional development and promotion opportunities.

Stacy Bernal

Motivating the masses with lessons learned from a seven-time marathoner and two-time triathlete who went from a Failure to a Finisher.

Shelly Coray

Among all the successes she helps people achieve, most of all she wants to you become the person God made you to be.

Jesse B. Good, CCXP

Helps organizations maximize customer experiences to improve business results and cultivate loyal client relationships.

Nathan Last

Performance Psychology Trainer providing audiences proven & concrete strategies to optimize their performance potential in sports, school, career, and life.

Aaron Linsdau, MS

Polar explorer and world record holder Aaron Linsdau inspires organizations to develop and maintain a positive attitude to maximize productivity.

Michael D. Page, AuD

Be a Leader in Ethical Practices, Professional Boundaries and Industry Relationships! Come join me in stimulating, scenario-based discussions and training!