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1. All general questions should be directed to the NSA Mountain West Chapter Administrator

Colette Read


Colette Lynch, Our Amazing Chapter Administrator  801-541-7259


2. Feel free to directly contact any of the 2017-2018 NSA Mountain West Board members. Click here for their names, email addresses, and phone numbers

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Meet our NSA Mountain West Chapter Board of Directors

National Speakers Association's Mountain West Chapter serves speaking professionals in Utah, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

A Standing Ovation to
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for Zion's continued support of NSA Mountain West.
We meet each month on the 18th floor of the Zions Tower, in a room with the best view of any
NSA Chapter in the country!
Members of National Speakers Association (NSA)
If you are a Professional Member in good standing of the National Speakers Association — headquartered in Utah, Idaho, Montana or Wyoming — you have two options to be a Member of the NSA Mountain West Chapter.
Purchase a NSA Mountain West "All-Access Pass" for only $175 and receive all benefits of chapter membership, free admission to 11 monthly events and other speaker resources listed on the Join Us page.
Purchase a NSA Mountain West "Opt-in" Membership and receive all the benefits of chapter membership with the exception of free admission to the monthly events. You may then choose to pay a reduced admission fee for any events you attend.


Candidate Speaker "All-Access Pass"

Speakers who are not NSA National Members participate in NSA Mountain West as a "Candidate." The "All-Access Pass" for Candidates is $425. Candidates speakers can tap into the growing  menu of benefits listed on the left.