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  Time Management/Self-Management
  Organizational Skills
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Paul helps client manage time better and enjoy life more. When not giving high-content keynote addresses on this subject, he is delivering interactive training programs and customized coaching services so his clients can achieve greater results for themselves and their organizations.

Paul is the author of four books:  QuietSpacing® - 1st Edition, QuietSpacing® - 2nd Edition, Focus Pocus: 24 Tricks for Regaining Command of Your Day, and The Waterfall Effect: Six Principles to Productive Leadership.  He is also a co-author of Bite-Sized Booklets, a single-topic booklet series focused on tactical and strategic issues. Paul regularly writes articles on individual productivity and performance which have been published locally, regionally and nationally.

In 1999, Paul co-founded what is today the largest online kayaking retailer in the country - Outdoorplay, Inc. ( After grooming a management team to run the company, Paul founded Vision Mechanix where he developed the QuietSpacing® method to address the demands the modern day hyper-kinetic working environment places on us. 

Earlier in his career, Paul practiced corporate finance law in Portland, OR. He later served as General Counsel to two Portland-based corporations. At the second, GemStone Systems, Inc., he also managed operations for the rapidly growing, 35-person professional services department serving a Fortune 500 client base. During Paul's tenure as corporate counsel he taught as an adjunct law professor, developed and participated in continuing education courses, and consulted start-ups during their emergent stages.

As a former attorney who has worked in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, Paul is well qualified to work with clients in all fields. He is passionate about what he does and derives great satisfaction from his clients' successes.