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  Women in Society


Let's talk about you.

How would your life be different if you knew you matter,
if you clearly understood yourself, if you felt connected,
if you could laugh more?

Self-worth author, identity researcher, and clean stand-up comedian Karen Eddington works with audiences to strengthen individuals. Karen is a self-esteem and humor expert.

Watch the TEDx video "The Connecting Power of Shared Laughter" for a short talk example.

After 15 years researching identity and self-worth, Karen has documented the patterns of one of the greatest barriers in our generation: inadequacy. She has seen firsthand how the most depression causing thought is, "my worth changes." She has also watched how laughter often heals and strengthens us when nothing else can. But more important, she has documented solutions and created original techniques designed to strengthen individuals.

Karen's unique style often includes her "Audience List" meaning the humor comes from you. Interviewing audience members, she can create an on the spot hilarious list that makes your meeting about the audience.

From event evaluations:
"My favorite session. Bring her back next year!"
"I have been going to therapy sessions for years for self-esteem issues. Karen helped me more in one meeting more than I got out of 7 years of therapy...thank you from the bottom of my heart."
"I laughed and laughed. Karen is a dynamic speaker that kept me totally engaged and wanting more!"
"Very funny, full of energy, I learned a lot!"
"Karen is a speaker with a powerful emotional range. She had us laughing one minute and in tears the next."
"Entertaining. I'm excited to use what was taught!"
"You asked my name and you remembered it. I wish I could tell you how much that meant to me. You live what you teach."
"Thank you for making me laugh. I really needed to laugh today."
"Powerful ability to connect with the audience. I couldn't believe how comfortable you instantly made us all feel."

Karen Eddington's QUICK BIO: Karen Eddington is the author of Understanding Self-Worth and she performs clean stand-up comedy. Through her 15 years of original of 'self' based research, Karen has mapped out patterns to help people understand what it means to say, "I Know Who I am." She's been a feature media contributor on identity, she's the founder of a self-worth outreach center, but her greatest talent is getting a family of 5 in the car.

Karen Eddington's GET THE DETAILS BIO: Karen started speaking in 2003, right out of college as people were requesting to hear her independent research thesis on Body Image Education. In 15 years Karen has done both qualitative (interviews and open ended questions) and quantitative research (using survey's) and documented patterns on self-worth and self-care. Karen has since participated in community education programs, been a regular media contributor, founded a self-worth outreach center, and earned a feature on ESPN for helping cheerleaders break stereotypes. She has studied women, youth, and families to understand their pressures and offer them real solutions to live happy, successful lives. An example is "The Under Pressure Project" which asked 500 high school students to pinpoint their biggest pressures and the best solutions they had for getting through. Through all the outreach work Karen pursued her stand-up comedy goals. The first time Karen got up the courage to try using comedy-- no one laughed. It lit a fire of curiosity and courage. Karen spent six years watching and studying why people laugh and eventually left the shadows of the comedy club and started her own clean comedy show for families about families. Karen has experience teaching confidence and comedy skills and specializes in audiences of women, youth, and family. She continues both self-esteem related research and comedy writing.

Karen customizes. Please reach out and share what you need for your event. -She's a great fit teaching self-esteem and self-worth skills at women's conferences.

-She can present connection, comedy, and relationship skills for spouse programs.

-Let's connect and share the message "You Are Not Alone" at your guest and family programs.

-Teaching original identity research to youth while keeping them entertained.

-Corporate audiences love learning skills for connection and laughter.

Karen uses humor and original research.