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  Personal Development


Paul H. Jenkins, Ph.D.

Presenter Profile

  Dr. Paul Jenkins works with organizations and individuals to establish and maintain habitual patterns of positive perception and focus that increase happiness, engagement, productivity, profit, and ultimate achievement of professional and personal life missions.

  With two decades of experience as a professional psychologist, Dr. Paul (as he is known to clients and his audiences) lays out the how and the why behind the art and science of being constructive in an often destructive environment. It is like having an owner's manual for your brain - one you can actually read, understand, and apply. You understand your own mind and improve its functioning on purpose. His deeply thoughtful writing, engaging and fun keynote addresses, powerfully practical breakout seminars, individual and corporate coaching and counseling are profound and simple. His clients, readers, and audiences get an iron grip on powerful Pathological Positivity principles that make an immediate difference in their personal and professional lives.

  Dr. Paul's book, Pathological Positivity, is now available. Corporate and group discounts can be arranged to provide this book to all members of your organization.

"An engaging and dynamic presentation style. The Ph.D. establishes credibility, and Paul's personality draws people in."

~Brady Giles, COO, Iasis Health Care, Physician Group of Utah

"He connects our people to principles that make a real difference. Our staff came out of his presentation energized and excited about what they do, and what is possible."

~Charlie Alexander, Alexander's

"Outstanding! Inspiring! Our staff really enjoyed it and came out uplifted and empowered. People need to hear things like this more often. I highly recommend Dr. Paul Jenkins for your organization."

~Jennie Gibson, Utah Parent Center

"Absolutely brilliant!"

~ Blu Robinson, Addict II Athlete

"Paul is a corporate psychologist. He insists that when you have a great idea, act on it so it produces results. So, here's a great idea for you: Book him. Now!"

~Thomas Cantrell, Administrative Law Advocates, International