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Very few people, sales teams, or companies live up to their potential. The ability is there, but perhaps the skills and direction are missing. A simple change in thought process or an introduction to some specific tools can make the difference between good and great.

Simply put, EksAyn helps individuals and companies unleash their greater potential. His solid and real principles can help transform your sales processes. Seasoned, top-level professionals and inexperienced beginners alike will come away with a new understanding of human relations and its sometimes unexpected influence as well as the powerful potential of small, everyday choices that can elevate you and your team and give you a definite competitive advantage.

EksAyn has a bold and unconventional approach that makes him a forceful and dynamic speaker. He delivers personalized, energetic and inspiring presentations that entertain while delivering impactful, real world applications and powerful, life-changing messages.

He is a speaker, author, and sales and negotiation expert. Recently featured on Forbes, EksAyn's new book, The Key to the Gate: Principles and Techniques to Get Past Gatekeepers to the Decision Maker, has sold internationally.