Travels from: Orem, UT US
LowFee: $10000.00
HighFee: $12500.00
Number of Presentations Last Year: 100
Payment: gross


Currently touring with Get Motivated Seminars nationally with Les Brown and Dr. Willie Jolley.

How about a seasoned professional who touches heart and soul as he moves your people to a whole 'nother level of creativity and productivity?

Invite Bob Kittell to inspire and entertain you at your next corporate event. Keynote to capnote, breakout session to consultation training, all accompanied by an incredible take-home DVD, Bob Kittell makes an immediate wonderful difference in your corporate culture and your profit potential.

Over 10 million people around the world have benefited from Bob's unique brand of motivation, memory training, and financial strategies. His message of hope helps people find success in their business and personal lives.

His approach motivates people to take action today and rise to a compelling vision with a crystal-clear game plan for successful living. Attendees learn how to keep getting up one more time and find the courage to keep moving forward.

Bob's amazing memory methods are fun to learn. Watch as your employees' confidence skyrockets when they begin to realize the true potential of their mind. These techniques apply to whatever you want to remember. When attendees leave, they have a greater ability to remember lists, phone numbers, faces, names, and other complex information.

Bob has toured with Zig Ziglar, Colin Powell, Rudy Guilliani, George and Laura Bush, Terry Bradshaw, Bill Cosby, Joe Montana, Lou Holtz, Donald Trump, and other political, motivational, and sports celebrities. He has spoken to tens of thousands of people in packed arenas and to intimate corporate retreats. His audiences feel empowered to take action and move forward with their lives.

Bob's presentation is customized to your group objectives and is great for corporations, universities, or any group that needs a lift.