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Learning from storytelling is hardwired into our DNA. For thousands of years, even before GPS, humans have used stories to illustrate the way to a herd of animals or a batch of berries to eat. Look at religious parables. This is how we learn.

When Bill was nineteen, he read that Greyhound buses would take you from Washington, DC to Los Angeles in 5 days. He thought, "Well, if Greyhound can do it..." He and a friend set a goal to hitchhike from DC to LA in 5 days. Part of their preparation was to create signs to cities so the public would engage with them to help meet the goal. They were successful crossing the US in 5 days by hitchhiking 3 times over two summers. Bill uses those same hitchhiking signs to illustrate points in his goal setting speech and training.

What is the importance of 1 Key Player in your organization? What if that person leads your company to create new sources of revenue? What if they leave before making that impact - and do so for another company?

Is your company feeling pain in recruiting? (most are) Is your company's retention of top performers where you need it to be? (generally, not) Since 1981 Bill has been a successful professional recruiter across many fields and industries. You may imagine the encounters that candidates, hiring managers, and even clients have experienced to help Bill create effective and entertaining stories illustrating learning points. Since 1992 when Bill began speaking to audiences across the US, he became known as RecruiterGuy. He engages audiences by conversing with them.

Many of those candidates' and hiring managers' stories are utilized in his book, "RecruiterGuy's Guide To Finding A Job."

Since 2007, Bill has had over 68 guest appearances on television shows including CNN's Headline News, KCRG & KGAN CBS 2 in Cedar Rapids, KSL in Salt Lake City & Park City TV. Bill has been interviewed live on radio and Internet radio across the US. He has been quoted in the New York Times, The Province in Vancouver, British Columbia, The Salt Lake Tribune in Salt Lake City, The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, IA, the Corridor Business Journal in Iowa City and on AOL among other Internet sites. He has presented many times on different Webinar platforms to National and International audiences.

He is available for speaking engagements, training workshops, TV, radio, webinar and podcast appearances.