Travels from: Meridian, ID US
LowFee: $2000.00
HighFee: $10000.00
Number of Presentations Last Year: 50
Payment: net
  Public Relations
  Best-Selling Author
  Business Growth


Dale Dixon delivers fifty to sixty speeches each year in front of crowds ranging from ten to ten thousand. He's nervous before he takes the stage, each and every time. However, if you ask him about those nerves, he likes to say he has found a way to keep his butterfilies in formation. All of this practice gives Dale unique insight on ways to channel anxiety into productive energy to excel at presenting. In addition to all of his presentations, Dale coaches executives to communicate effectively.

Dale provides inspirational keynotes, half- and full-day workshops and individual and small group coaching. All help those in the audience make every conversation count.

Check out Dale's book, Sweating Bullets: A Story About Overcoming The Fear of Public Speaking.