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Wouldn't it be great if....... I hear this all the time.

Wouldn't it be great if our company could Attract ~ Engage ~ Hire ~ and Retain Todays top talent. 

YES, it would be great, I always reply - wondering what has them losing the war on talent, unable to attract and engage candidates, service existing clients, and gain more profits?

"Its my recruiters" or "No one has the skills we need" or even "the mangers aren't pulling their weight!" These are the top complaints I hear business owners and association directors say all the time.

I always wonder, at this point, has anyone really reviewed the Candidate Experience from start to finish. Potintial Employee's are abandoning the application process faster then ever before. it's the Engagement or lack of it, that drives Top Talent away. Talent Branding is a necessity and Creating Career Karam is a must.

Candidates considering employemt at any size company want to follow a vision, serve a social good, have a master plan.

They want certainty, clarity, stability, systems, standards, structure, (Career Karma), and they want to grow their skills and importance. Let's face it most Leaders have never really been taught how to lead. Great employee's lead by a true Leader will follow direction, will do what is needed to meet personal goals, and be a steward for the company they serve.

Create Career Karma is a fun and very entertaining program and is perfect for any team, association, or group looking for solid team building systems and a few good laughs, while uncovering what might be holding your team back from true Career Karma.

Every Keynote, presentation, or breakout is personally tailored to suite your groups needs.