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  Wealth Building


What is the leading cause of stress in America today?
How does it impact our lives in and out of the workplace?
Will simply paying people more money solve the problem?

Personal finances are the leading cause of stress in America today. It impacts people of all educational and income levels. In fact, the problem appears to be worse among doctors, attorneys and business executives. Financial stress costs businesses billions of dollars a year in lost productivity, higher medical costs and more. It also impacts marriages and is a leading reason of divorce. And more money is not the answer.

Combining humor, real life stories and cutting edge research in neuroscience, Martin will help your audience better understand how our brains process financial decisions. He then teaches simple but powerful principles to help people make better choices with their money.

The end result is that attendees will learn how to lead a happier, less stressful and more productive life. They become better employees, executives and association members.

What others have said

"Very motivational... really makes you want to go full force with your game (plan)" - Mark H. Sales manager. New World Mortgage

"Concise and to the point" - Dennis D. Salesperson

"After listening to Martin, you realize just how uncomplicated success is... I recommend having Martin Hurlburt speak... at your next company meeting." - Bozena B. Manager, Principal Financial Group

"Well organized, entertaining, and, simply put, focused." - Linda R., HR Director, Companion Systems International

Mr. Hurlburt has a simple mission… To change the way people view themselves, their money and the impact money has on their lives. He understands that how well someone controls their money can, and will, impact their health, their relationships, the quality of their work and yes, even their happiness. However, his message goes beyond just money. It is about getting past the financial issues that plague so many of us and focusing on the more important things in life.