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Dian's inside knowledge of publicity, combined with her unique and entertaining presentation style lead to her status as a media celebrity and television personality, captivating staff and audience members alike. Her eight years as a regular on NBC's Today Show followed by six years on ABC's hit show The Home Show, lead to over 5,000 television and radio appearance, including The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Good Morning America. Dian's audiences are delighted by her professional, yet down-to-earth style as she presents complex principles in a way that is both easy to understand and never boring. Dian's events are always "standing room only" and the testimonials reveal why.

Dian's tenacity and inquisitiveness helped her to find out from the media the hard way - how to market herself and her books. Dian reveals the secrets and the inside track of How to Get a Million Dollars' Worth of FREE Publicity.

Cathy Ashmore from the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education said "You deliver a million ways (to Get a Million Dollars of Free Publicity) and with a powerful punch." and "Many of them (the audience) were so energized by your tips and tricks in getting free publicity that they couldn't wait to get home and put your suggestions into practice."

Ken D Foster, CEO, Shared Vision Network, said "The way you connected with the audience was mesmerizing and the information you share is invaluable."

With more than 30 years media experience, nationally renowned speaker and author Dian Thomas has been honored to serve as national spokesperson for such high profile businesses as Kraft Foods, Dow Chemical, General Foods, and Procter & Gamble.

As a successful entrepreneur and the author of 18 innovative books, including the New York Times best seller, Roughing It Easy, Dian's first-hand and corporate experiences have provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the power of publicity and the ability to show entrepreneurs how to discover and build their passion into a thriving business.

In addition to Dian's success as a speaker and author Dian has given her time and expertise to lead as President of the Utah Chapter of the National Speaker's Association This year she was named 2005/2006 National Chapter Member of the Year.