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This popular national speaker and business coach personalizes each presentation through pre-session surveys and phone interviews with attendees. She understands issues and needs, and meets client objectives so thoroughly, that participants think she's an industry insider. Audiences love her humor and interactive style. Clients say, "Danielle's advice is easy to implement and gives us immediate results." Their most common response-”Bring Danielle back!”

Program Titles
  • Maximum Impact! Invisible to Influential
  • Business Finesse: Saying and Doing the Right Things at the Right Time
  • How to Package Yourself for Success
  • Your Manners Are Showing--Dining and Business Entertaining
  • Global Business Finesse: What To Do and Not To Do Overseas
  • How to Avoid Cultural Pitfalls When Hosting International Clients
  • Executive Enhancement--Personal Coaching Programs

Danielle is as effective as an event headliner as she is a consultant and coach for major associations and Fortune 100 clients. She conducts group programs for their conventions, conferences, trade shows, and international events as well as individual sessions for their executives. Her audiences say they take away valuable insights that contribute to both their personal and business success.

Danielle's expertise includes: Business Presence Development, Nonverbal Elements Customers Scrutinize, Professional/Casual Dress, Office Conduct and Communications, Dining and Business Entertaining, and Global Finesse. All the essentials needed to influence business and build relationships.

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