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Doug Nielsen

Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), MSW, LCSW
Professional speaker, author, leadership expert, coach, and psychotherapist

"Take Charge From The Inside Out"

The Challenge

In your ever-changing environment, the workplace is barraged with stress, disengagement, distraction, burnout, negativity, fear, toxicity, blame, excuses, rationalization and apathy.

  • 81% of people feel out of control in their lives
  • 87% of employees worldwide are disengaged
  • 2/3 of today's employees feel overwhelmed

For every $10,00 spent in payroll, $3400 is lost to employee disengagement
You long to stand out, but with time, this desire is smothered. More than you'd like, growth, change, uncertainty, restructuring, confusion, and blame take all the energy you have. In your organization you want your people to feel better, do better, and be better than they are right now. However, good intentions are surrendered to the demands at hand. Investing in people is unintentionally sidelined.

The Opportunity

When you successfully align the human spirit of engagement with personal ownership, people love what they do, are engaged, perform at their peak and pursue continual improvement. This is the "ownership advantage".

Doug Nielsen has over 20 years experience assisting thousands of individuals and organizations gain the "ownership advantage". He has a magical way of aligning people and performance through principles of personal ownership and accountability. He has been hailed as a miracle worker even when working with impossible situations.

When you and your organization apply Doug's strategies, you can experience significant increase in engagement, performance and fulfillment both personally and professionally. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Imagine the outstanding results you will achieve by adopting this statement as your battle cry!

No Excuses! Own your situation! Own your solutions! Own your success! No regrets!

On the platform in training or in one-on-one coaching, Doug helps your organization focus on the same target, speak a common language, and execute in union. Unleash the power of personal ownership-the foundational principle for all success-and eclipse fear, blame, and excuses within your organization.

About Doug Nielsen

Doug Nielsen has a gift for connecting to the human spirit and instilling hope.

Doug's life's experience, education, and personality give him expert credentials for helping people overcome powerless states of mind and creating high performance. As a psychotherapist-coach he understands the mind and behavior. In the real world as a COO, he successfully built and more than quadruples his company growth in less than three years. His approach is not just based on theory by proven results!

Things have not come to him easily. While growing up, Doug ealt with his father's alcoholism. He struggled in school and became the "lead screamer" in a heavy metal rock band. However, his mother and caring friend helped him through many challenging times and instilled in Doug the drive to turn challenges into opportunities.

After a life altering conversation with Dr. Victor Frankl-concentration camp survivor and author of Man's Search for Meaning-Doug discovered his own ability to "take life by the helm." Because of these experiences Doug has made is his life's work to help others gain control and be at the helm of their lives.

For two decades, Doug has spoken to hundreds of audiences and designed customized training/coaching programs for scores of organizations. He is also a popular guest on radio and television.

"Thank you for your participation in our team building and professional development conference. Your ability to question and determine our needs added to the brilliantly customized experience we had! You were thorough in your planning and thoughtful in your preparation. Your materials were top-noth and your presentation was outstanding! Thank you for taking ample time to get to know our audience and personalize the discussion to address our areas of improvement." Morgan Stanley-Jade Sarver

Doug's Most Requested Keynote/Breakout Topics

Take Life by the Helm: Creating the Ownership Advantage
Irrespective of life's conditions, there is one critical, common characteristic of all high performing individuals - mastering personal ownership. This keynote guides you to master personal ownership for your attitude, behavior, and the results you are creating.

It is from personal ownership that engagement, individual and group problem solving, alignment, leadership, continuous improvement and opportunity enhancement are built.

NO individual or team will gain sufficient traction to capitalize on market conditions without mastering personal ownership. The time is now. Seize the opportunities that are here now. Create the ownership advantage and realize outstanding results.

Embrace Change: Becoming Agents for Growth
Navigating the rapids of growth can be a journey of excitement and opportunity. If there is one skill that you as a leader must have to instigate growth, it's personally learning to embrace change so that you can guide others through it. When change is not dealt with, people become overwhelmed and communication breaks down.

Since change is a psychological process, this presentation will give you the tools to personally deal with change, orchestrate growth and successfully lead others through the change/growth process again and again. As growth agents, you will learn how to consistently seize opportunities within change and inspire employees to do the same.

Become Unstoppable : Align People and Performance Through Personal Ownership 
Whatever "business" you are in, you are in the "people business." People are either the biggest problem or the greatest advantage and asset your organization has.

When your organization successfully aligns people and performance through personal ownership; people love what they do, are engaged, perform at their peak, and pursue continual improvement. Additionally, quality is improved and your customers are delighted. Doug will share three powerful keys that will unlock you and your organization's ability to solve problems quickly, focus on the same target, speak a common language, and execute in unison.

Your Unique Package
If a totally unique customized presentation is what you are looking for, let Doug create one
especially for you in the area of personal ownership and accountability as it relates to performance, teamwork, customer service, communication, problem solving, time management, leadership, and motivation. Each customized presentation is guaranteed to be content rich, fast paced, and fun.

When you engage Doug as your keynote speaker and he will happily conduct a complimentary breakout session on the same day.

Call 801-391-9743 today to arrange a time to discuss your event with Doug personally.

Satisfied Clients Include:

American Society for Quality
Boeing CU
Compass Minerals
Exxon Mobile
Fed Ex/Kinkos
Homeland Security
Inhermountain Healthcare
Lockheed Martin
Morgan Stanley
Pacific Corps
Proctor and Gamble
U.S. Department of the Interior
Union Pacific
Wells Fargo
Westar Energy
Winter Olympics