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Innovative Leadership Presentations

There are two skiers on a challenging black diamond run. They're sporting the same upscale mountain apparel and identical top of the line ski gear.

One is having the best day ever, the other the absolute worst. Why would one be in an orgasmic state, dancing with the mountain; the other trembling with cold sweat, soiling those designer pants?

One is in the grip of fear. The other has befriended fear.

Imagine your executive team and key players not only facing the fears that plague your industry, but actually befriending those fears. What would that look like? Debilitating dynamics transform into creative energy and robust productivity. A winning corporate culture is formed, driven by extraordinary synergistic teams working together focused, interconnected, interdependent, profitable.

There are speakers who consult and consultants who speak. Barry Moniak is both. In his deeply insightful and entertaining platform presentations, and innovative training sessions, you enjoy delightful personal experience and profound professional discovery.

Speakers often have such dazzling stage delivery that we expect them to be equally amazing in their consulting and training. Some actually are. With twenty years of consulting expertise backing his play, Barry customizes his presentations to promote your theme and brings his expertise to life.

Let us help you create an amazing event – and a winning synergistic corporate culture. Enjoy lessons from the mountain by a black diamond ski coach and national business consultant.


Client Track – Barry's presentation helped our key players...move to the next level of performance.

Utah Association of Public Treasurers – A revolution!

Seals & Packings – Exceeded our expectations!

Salt Lake Chamber – Our event was a success because of Barry.

Murray Area Chamber of Commerce – His presentation helped clarify our vision and set our mission.

Most requested topics:

Befriend Fear of Engagement
     Win by playing the smarter game with a better team.

Befriend Fear of Critical Thinking
     Enhance team culture by challenging preconceived notions.

Befriend Fear of Real Communication
     Say what you have to say – and live to tell about it!