NSA MW Board Summit – July 2012

NewImageNSAMWMemberLogoAnnual Board Summit Minutes

NSA Mountain West

July 10, 2012      Salt Lake City, Utah

Attendees: Ty Bennett, Colleen Cook, Karen Eddington, Tyler Herd, Leta Greene, Doug Nielsen, Mitch Seehusen, Steve Weber, Elain Witt

Excused: Max Brown, Vincent Kituka, Jeff Magee



Board Business

Read last month’s Board minutes

Change Spelling on Zion Bank contact: Rob Brough – Sr. V.P

Change NSA Google Group to reflect new Board Members                   Steve will ask Marc

All Board Minutes and Agendas will be Posted on Google Docs                                    Steve

Last Months Minutes approved by Vote of Board


New bylaws                 

Elain announced the passage of new Bylaws and notification to NSA National


Election of VP—Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee for 2012-2013 is:

Doug (Chair)

Tyler (Pres Elect)

Mitch (Non-Officer Board Member)

Brad (Member at large)


Nominating Committee nominated Ty Bennett for V.P. for 2012-2013

Ty elected V.P. by Vote of Board


Pass Budget

Budget presented by Colleen  and discussed and approved.

Colette monthly hours to be increased.

Savings account will have two signatories: Pres (Elain) and Treasurer (Colleen) and on-line access for Chapter Administrator (Colette)

Checking account will have four signatories: Pres (Elain); Pres-Elect (Tyler); Treasurer (Colleen); and Chapter Administrator (Colette)


Budget Motioned as presented and Approved by Vote of Board

Motioned made to NOT require “Bonding” for chapter signatories: Approved by Vote of Board

Budget Motioned as presented and Approved by Vote of Board


Suggestion made to put ‘Money Request Form’ on the Google Docs                                 Steve


President’s Report                  11 New (Regular) Committees + 1 Ad hoc Committee

1 Membership Committee (President Elect—Tyler Herd)

Chair, with committee, helps the chapter to grow in number of national and chapter members through outreach to potential members and nurturing candidates toward membership.

2 Program Committee  (Vice President—Ty Bennett)

Chair, with committee, helps the chapter by arranging for speakers to present at monthly meetings and taking care of the speaker’s needs.

3 Communication Committee (Secretary – Steve Weber)

Chair, with committee, provides a predictable stream of information to chapter members and candidates to generate enthusiasm for upcoming meetings, speakers, training, and webinars.

4 Finance Committee (Treasurer – Colleen Cook)

Chair, with committee, provides monthly financial report and assure that chapter finances are being spent in accordance with bylaws, policies, and  procedures.

5 Nominating Committee (Past President – Doug Nielsen)

Chair establishes a committee of at least four chapter members with at least one being a non-board member to identify a candidate for vice-president.

6 Development Committee (Karen Eddington)

Chair, with committee, helps create, plan, and execute fund-raising activities that will supplement the chapter budget and generate additional revenue to keep cost of dues down as well as create a financial cushion for the chapter.

7 Webinar Committee (Max Brown)

Chair, with committee, helps manage the topic, speaker, and marketing of each of the chapter’s valuable webinars.

8 Online Committee (Jeff Magee)

Chair, with committee, manages the chapter’s online presence and analyzes what is the best use of chapter resources.


9 Community Service Committee (Mitch Seehusen)

Chair, with committee, produces the Annual Holiday Service Project. Provides an ongoing opportunity for chapter members to be involved in meaningful community outreach and service.


10 Outlying Membership Committee (MT, ID, WY)  (Vincent Kituku)

Chair, with committee, helps outlying membership receive the training and connections they want to build their speaking business and recognize the value of their NSA membership.


11 Social Events and Networking Committee (Leta Greene)

Chair, with committee, helps create an atmosphere of warmth and support at chapter meetings that will be inviting to members, candidates, and guests Holiday Party.


Special Committee: Policies and Procedures Ad Hoc Committee (until task is complete)

Chair, with committee, builds new policies and procedures to support new bylaws and make the chapter function smoothly.


Close business portion of meeting


Meeting Design


Elain presented a schedule for monthly meeting that will be followed for all meetings with the exception of the Speakers Academy (Paid to Speak) meeting in March 2013.

Board Meeting will typically be held on the First Wednesday of each month

Chapter Meetings will be held on the Third Wednesday  of each month


Note: Next Board meeting will be held on September 5, 2012. No Board meeting in August.




1. Need to duplicate Jeff Magee DVD to hand out during the September 2012 meeting Mitch has a duplicator, Tyler has DVDs

2. Committee’s can use the same Conference Call phone number as used for our Board meetings.

                  Calling instructions:   Dial – (605) 475-4825 Code – 124935#