V1504 Re-Inventing Yourself and Your Business for Success and Longevity with Damian Mason CSP

Re-Inventing Yourself and Your Business for Success and Longevity with Damian Mason CSP

Regardless of how much success you or your business have experienced, the marketplace will change.  To be successful, you must change with it.  

Damian Mason started out as a Bill Clinton impersonator – delivering nearly 100 presentations annually and picking up a few movie credentials and TV spots along the way.  Times change and so do presidents.  Damian successfully transformed himself from a political satirist to an extremely “in demand” Agriculture and Business speaker.  With several years of struggle in between. 

In this presentation, Damian will help you see the need for re-inventing yourself and your business.  He’ll provide tips and tools on what it takes to successfully change your image and your offering. 

Damian Mason pulls from his comedic background to deliver a hilariously funny, informative presentation on the subject of transformation.  As Damian says, “Re-Invent.  Because your customers don’t care how good you used to be!

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