V1510 Story Telling Intensive – Share Your Story for Maximum Impact with Karl Mecklenburg CSP and Max Dixon

Story Telling Intensive – Share Your Story for Maximum Impact
with Karl Mecklenburg CSP and Max Dixon CSP

Karl Mecklenburg CSP – NFL Superstar for the Dever Broncos #77

Karl Mecklenburg rose from a college walk-on and twelfth round draft choice to an NFL career that included three Super Bowls and six Pro Bowl appearances.  The former Broncos’ captain was arguably the most versatile player in the NFL playing all seven defensive front positions often in the course of a single game.  Karl was named AFC Player of the Year, has been enshrined in the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame and the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame.  

Today Karl is an award winning author and motivational speaker inspiring long term positive change in teams and individuals.  

Learn from Karl how to personalize your keynote to fit your client’s needs by using your stories with customized conclusions and transitions.  Learn how to efficiently build keynotes that honor the makeup of your audiences and fulfill the needs of your clients.  Learn how to connect by choosing the right stories for your audience, adding humor, and by being authentic.

Karl Mecklenburg CSP

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Karl Mecklenburg CSP

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Karl Mecklenburg CSP

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Karl Mecklenburg CSP

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Max Dixon

Together we discover your powerful stories, illustrations and examples that will involve, inspire and influence our audiences of any size.  The story is the most crucial ingredient in high stakes communication.  What is the story of your corporation?  What is the Hero’s journey of your new product?  What is the narrative of how your approach to project management meets challenges that would stymie your competitors?  If you haven’t yet created that story, your true power is as yet searching for a way to be born. 

With Max’s story work sheet and an astonishingly successful multi-step process, you will learn to discover, develop, deepen and deliver the stories that energize and enroll your listeners.  Show through sharing your story and metaphor that you understand their story and they will rush to be a part of yours.

Join Max as he helps you to develop your, “Worthwhile Story” that will excite your audiences and inspire them to achieve more. Learn how to increase your Potency on the Platform.  Did you ever walk into a meeting room and feel like you left your body in your office? Have you ever been asked to speak up—twice?  Would you consciously say to someone you wished to impress, “I really shouldn’t be here” or “I’ll run out of energy soon?” We often seem cut off from our bodies when we communicate. We sound as though our voices are not cooperating with the impression we want to make. Body movements and voice produce the majority of our messages impact.  Learn when standing in front of a packed room how to improve your body and vocal behavior to increase your impact and success.