V1602 Superior Sales Results with Less Effort with Stu Schlackman PE MBA CSP and Special Guest Mark Eaton CSP

Stu Schlackman is known for his books and assessment, Four People You Should Know and Don’t Just Stand There, Sell Something.  He provides customized training and consulting based on their principles to sales teams by focusing on the skills and strategies that will lead to Superior Sales Results.

 Four Personalities You Should Kno

Blue– focuses on people and passion
Gold – needs process and planning
Green – values precision and perfection
Orange – is about performance and persuasion

The “Four x Four Sales System” defines the intersection of these two elements and how different personality styles behave relative to the four stages of the selling process. In addition, this system helps participants understand how the 4 personalities make decisions, what they value, how they prefer to communicate and what motivates them to action.

PREPARE                                                    PRESENT
to match their personality style            to their communication style

CONNECT                                                    COMMIT
based on what they value                        by understanding their decision

Do you need to improve your closing ratio?
Want to sell more?

Critical Questions for Closing the Sale will show you how to use the 4 personality styles to understand the buying behavior of your prospect or customer. When you can understand how they prefer to communicate, what they value & how they make decisions, you’ll be much closer to building the trust necessary to close the sale


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