V1605 Turning Your Life’s Experience into a Six Figure Consulting Business with Jeffrey K Hansler CSP

Share an experience with Jeffrey Hansler, CSP. Frank, open, and interesting. Chances are good, he’s the person to open that next door of understanding for you.

Yes, he makes six and seven figures a year when he wants. And he’ll tell you, he should probably be making more with the opportunities he creates for himself.

What’s that! He makes money when he wants? Why wouldn’t you want to focus on making lots of money all the time? You’ll have to ask him that question when you see him?

The programs will be a mix of talent development and thought bending perceptions. Interactive and candid your presence multiplies the experience. Come ready to inquire, engage, and challenge. You’ll experience the process while you learn.

Jeffrey’s programs are a unique and rare experience for NSA audiences. Come be part of the fun and learn to attract the business you want in your life. Elevate your knowledge of leadership, sales, negotiation, change, presentation, and consultation. Elevate your self-awareness and the impact of the decisions we make. Join us for one or both programs.


Jeffrey Hansler, experienced Professional Speaker, NAUI Dive Instructor, Certified Speaking Professional, President-Elect of Association for Talent Development of Orange County, author and father of two boys.

Jeffrey Hansler is an expert at organizational development, leadership, coaching, consulting and the persuasive communication skills of influence, negotiation, sales, body language, micro-expressions, and authority.

He is Managing Partner for Oxford Company Consultants, an organizational and business development and training firm, trainer, and presenter. He earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation from NSA in 2001.

Jeffrey Hansler has conducted training programs since 1980, company training programs since 1983, and programs as an organizational professional educator since 1988. He became a National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) instructor in 1980 just before joining the Southern California sales force for Apple Computer, Inc.

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