V1606 Turning Points & Strategic Decisions in Your Speaking Career with Jim Cathcart CSP CPAE

Every one of us has vital choices to make at various points in our career. handout-lunchbox-icon

  • Do I focus on keynotes or do more training & consulting?
  • Which industry or niche should I focus on?
  • Solo or partner or licensee or ….?
  • Full or part-time?
  • Should I offer coaching? What do I charge?
  • Is it time to abandon my main topic?
  • Which topic do I focus on or do I keep several?
  • Should my marketing be self-driven or bureau-based?
  • How many software licenses do I really need? Which software to use?
  • When is it time to just go do something else?
  • Is it worth my time to pursue leadership positions in NSA?
  • They say I need a book, which topic? which market?
  • Do I go for a traditional publisher or self-publish?
  • Should I sponsor my own events?
  • Is there a point where I should just hang it up and retire?

Jim Cathcart has faced and dealt with all of these and more. He has also received almost every award a speaker could aspire to receive:

The Cavett Award, Speaker Hall of Fame, The Golden Gavel Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Legends of the Speaking Profession, and more. The San Diego NSA chapter has named its Member of the Year Award, “The Jim Cathcart Service Award.”

He has been NSA’s national president, served ten years on the national board, chaired every committee you can imagine including the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame board of governors, served as NSA’s delegate to the Global Speakers Network.

He’s the guy who developed NSA’s Professional Competencies upon which all of our programming is based.

Jim was invited to join the prestigious Speakers Roundtable in 1986 and spent 3 decades with them. This is the group that NSA founders Bill Gove and Cavett Robert belonged to when Jim first joined. Today it includes Nido Qubein, Patricia Fripp, Mark Sanborn, Dan Thurmon, Ford Saeks, Chad Hymas and many more CPAEs.

Jim is still a full time speaker and author with lots going on. He plays Rock & Roll Guitar in night clubs, runs mountain trails 3 times a week and serves his community in many roles.

And he’s been in partnerships, collaborations, co-authorships, and just about every other kind of “deal” in our profession.

Jim has  authored 18 books both with major publishers and some self-published.

Had enough? Well there’s more to Jim Cathcart but you’ll have to come to the meeting to discover it.


Jim Cathcart is one of the most award-winning speakers on Earth. He has been National President of NSA (1988-89), received The Cavett Award (1993), The Speaker Hall of Fame CPAE award (1985), CSP (1981), Lifetime Achievement Award (2003), Legends of Speaking (2008), The Golden Gavel (2001), and the San Diego NSA chapter named its Member of the Year award “The Jim Cathcart Service Award”. He was part of Speakers Roundtable® for almost 30 years and is still vitally active in NSA today. 

Jim is the author of 18 books including the international bestsellers: The Acorn Principle and Relationship Selling. 

In recent weeks he has delivered keynotes in Austin Texas, London England, Shanghai China and Taipei Taiwan. In 2016 Jim wrote and published two new books.

When he’s not speaking Jim is a professional singer/songwriter and performs with his band “ReZoom The Boom!” every month. He’s a mountain trail runner and a motorcycle enthusiast. 

When asked what’s your proudest accomplishment, he says, “The way our son grew into a man. I want to grow up to be like him!”

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