V1608 Tell Your Story with Dale Dixon

Cue the scary thriller movie music. There in the dark shadows, something starts to emerge. It’s a video camera and it’s pointed at you. handout-lunchbox-icon

Something about a camera creates a bit of anxiety, even to the most seasoned speaker. During the August 17, NSA Mountain West meeting, Dale Dixon will lead us through an engaging conversation to make that camera less mythical, more magical and something you can be comfortable using for your business.

Video rules the day. Every minute more than 400 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. Take a moment to think about that! You will spend 17 days watching the video being uploaded in the time it takes you to read this.

Want to know something? Go to YouTube. Want to know someone? Check out social media and pay close attention to the video. Want to engage an audience? Snapchat.

Where are you and your speaking business in this video obsessed world?

Let’s get comfortable in front of the camera at the August 17, NSA Mountain West meeting.

Dale Dixon is a former television reporter, anchor and news director. He’s been on TV nearly every week since leaving the industry. He’ll pull back the mythical blanket on what it takes to be comfortable in front of the camera, help us see ways to bring value to our clients and potential customers and look great doing it – all on video.

The interactive session includes plenty of practice, a lot of examples of on-camera performance done well and not-so-well. We’ll learn how to think like a producer, capture images like an artist and perform in front of the camera like a seasoned professional. 

About Dale Dixon
Dale Dixon wants you to make every conversation count. He helps people communicate with confidence. If an executive needs to give a speech, a speaker is preparing for a TV or radio interview, or a sales person wants to better connect with a prospect, Dale helps prepare a message that makes a difference. He knows effective communicators get promoted.As a speaker, author and thought leader in the arena of communication, Dale appears in front of thousands of people each year. He speaks to live audiences 40 to 50 times a year. He’s on television and radio several times a week, and, is regularly featured online and on the printed page. Dale is here to help us make every conversation count.

 Dale is also the Chief Innovation Officer of Better Business Bureau Northwest. The organization helps business and buyer win in marketplace through standards, ethics and integrity.

Dale has 29-years of broadcast news and media communication experience working in radio and for CBS, ABC, & NBC-TV affiliates.  Dale is a regular contributor to daily newspapers, appears on TV and radio several times each week and speaks to live audiences about personal development, business ethics and protecting your money from scams. 

Dale is an Associated Press and Idaho Press Club award winner, Better Business Bureau Integrity Counts! Honoree and was named an Idaho Business Review Accomplished Under 40 recipient.