V1611 Creating Programs with Your Audience’s Brains In Mind with Scott Halford CSP CPAE

Those speeches that we witness that are “magical” have a few things in common that have to do with the brain. They engage the audience’s emotional and thinking centers. Scott Halford CSP, CPAE will show you how.handout-lunchbox-icon

Our brain is susceptible to priming in a way that speakers can incorporate if they understand it. Scott Halford, CSP, CPAE has been teaching corporate audiences the benefits of understanding the nuances of the human brain for more effective performance and fulfilling lives. Now, he comes to NSA Mountain West to share his insights. You will: 

  1. Learn how models are critical for brain-friendly programs
  2. Find out why controversy and provocation in a talk actually draws people to you
  3. Discover how to appeal to the emotional center of the brain in a positive way

About Scott Halford CSP CPAE
Scott Halford, CSP, CPAE is a writer and long-time educator of businesspeople worldwide. He focuses on brain-based behavioral science as it pertains to emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and influence. He has been the “Brainy Business” columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine online, and blogs for Huffington Post.  He is an Emmy Award winning writer and producer. Scott is the author of Activate Your Brain (2015) a Wall Street Journal best-selling book, and Be a Shortcut – The Secret Fast-track to Business Success(2009).

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