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“Get Paid to Speak” is our most anticipated and well-attended event of the year!  Intense speaker training for the novice to most seasoned speaking professional.

Speaking with Impact

Devin Thorpe

How to Actually get paid to Speak

Kordell Norton CSP

Social Media Blue Print

Michelle McCullough

Tech for Speakers

Marc Wolfsfeld

Your eSpeaker Profile

Joe Heaps

Ed Giles

Close More Sales on Stage

Tiffany Peterson

Get Up Get Speaking Get Paid

Sydne Jacques CSP

Write a Book

Aaron Linsdau

Persuasion Negotiation and Influence

Kurt Mortensen

YouTube Secret To Achieve Celebrity Speaker Status

Nate Woodbury

Engage to Be Engaged

Ray Buttars

Teaching Men and Women to Dress With Elegance and Distinction

Eric Aroca

LinkedIn Profile for Speakers

AJ Wilcox 1of2

LinkedIn Profile for Speakers

AJ Wilcox 2of2

A Master Class with Ty Bennett CSP

Ty Bennett CSP

Get Paid to Speak - It's the Economic Engine for Your Mission

Paul Jenkins PhD