V1704 An Evening with Dr John B Molidor CSP President of the National Speakers Association

About Dr John B Molidor CSP 
Dr. John B. Molidor comes to us from Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine, where he is a Professor of Psychiatry and a Regional Campus Dean for his medical school. 

John grew up in a family of 10 children, where he says he learned first-hand about “brains” from sitting around the dining room table! 

Born in Iowa, raised in Illinois, schooled in Minnesota, and educated in Michigan, he often gets confused about whom to cheer for on Big Ten football weekends. 

When he’s not trying to figure out the universe, he can also be found at the National Speakers Association, where he is the National President for 2016-2017. 

Prior to these positions, he has also served as his medical school’s Dean of Admissions, Student Affairs, and Educational Programs. He is also the CEO/President of a non-profit educational corporation, bringing together three teaching hospitals and a Big Ten University. 

As the author of Crazy Good Interviewing! How Acting A Little Crazy Can Get You The Job (available through www.amazon.com), he is most interested in helping people optimize their potential.  He has a long-standing interest in how people perceive their world and how they communicate that perception to others.

Credibility Is King and Queen: Is Your Content Google-Proof?

Have you ever wondered about some of the ’stuff’ you say in your presentations? Such as, “Do I know where that information came from or am I just putting my spin on something I heard before? Is there any factual basis for what I share? Did I imagine this material or do I just say things because it sounds right (and sometimes, even sexy)? What will I do if someone challenges me on my material?” 

Nowadays, it is pretty easy to fact-check your ’stuff’ and your ‘material’ so it behooves you to make sure that what you say is ‘Google-Proof.’ But, as you also know, Google is not the definitive authority on what is true and what isn’t! So what can you do? 

As the field of speaking continues to mature as a profession, it is necessary that we, as professional speakers, ensure that what we are sharing and telling our audiences is grounded in truth. It can be your truth (based on your experiences) and/or it can be supported by research (based on actual experiments). Both ways work, but we need to be careful when we cross the line from experiential to experimental. 

So come join us as we explore some of the speaking content myths that are out there (which you might be telling your audiences) and examine some methods to ‘Google-Proof’ your content.

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Improving Impact & Influence: What Your Brain Has To Say About That!

Would you like to know what goes on inside of your brain (as well as your audience’s) when you are presenting? Would you like to see how your brain lights up when it hears a familiar story (e.g., like the ‘Star-Fish’ Story)? Would you like to learn some brain-friendly techniques that you can immediately use in your presentations?   

This powerful three-pound mass (and sometimes mess) of grey and white matter, which we call the brain, disproportionately exerts an incredible influence on yourself and others. Knowing how to use it effectively and efficiently can greatly increase your impact on others. Knowing what might be going on inside the brain of your audience allows you to truly personalize your content. 

Come join us as we look inside (as well as outside) the brain. This session will literally peel back what goes on in your audience’s brain. 

Three Key Learning Objectives

  1.  Identify three major speaking myths/stories people use.
  2. Learn how to do “quick & dirty” research.
  3. Bust some speaking myths/stories.

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