V1705 One Big Event – Two Great Speakers!

One Big Event – Two Great Speakers!

The Fullness of Thy Calendar Shall Define Thy Success (and 27 Other Speaking Rules that Don’t Exist) with Jason Kotecki CSP

We talk a lot within NSA about building a business, but not so much about building a life, and the two are not necessarily the same. Little time is spent talking about the challenges of finding balance, as well as starting and maintaining relationships. Travel is part of the job, but we tend to look up to the people who leave their friends and family the most.

Too often the great freedoms this profession provides us are wasted because we’re too caught up comparing ourselves to each other and basing our value on our fees and the fullness of our calendar. We are quick to steal the tactics of other “successful” speakers without stopping to consider the strategy behind them, which can steer us down the road to burnout, bad health, and broken relationships.

Whether you’re new to the speaking industry or a seasoned veteran, you’ve no doubt encountered many so-called rules for success. Although often championed by well-known speakers who are themselves successful, the truth is that following some of these rules can sink your career.

How do you know which rules are worth following and which ones are holding you back? This fun and insightful program will help you figure that out.


Jason Kotecki, CSP, is an artist and author of 5 books, including “Penguins Can’t Fly +39 Other Rules That Don’t Exist.” He works with organizations to beat burnout and become more innovative by breaking rules that don’t exist. He helps people from all walks of life figure out the formula that works best for them; opening them up to greater stamina, performance, and overall fulfillment. In the past decade, Jason and his wife Kim have built a successful speaking business that has experienced continuous growth. Perhaps more importantly, they’ve navigated the pitfalls common to this very demanding profession in order to create a rich and fulfilling personal life, complete with three kids under eight. It hasn’t happened by accident, and it certainly wasn’t the result of following all the rules.

Rookie speakers and experienced pros alike are guaranteed to encounter ideas that will challenge their assumptions and maybe even ruffle some feathers. This is a must-see program about the business of making speaking fit in your life instead of making your life fit into speaking.

Jason Kotecki

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Storytelling Mastery That Grows Your Business with Doug Stevenson CSP

In speaking, it’s not only about content; it’s about connection. You have to connect deeply and be amazing.  A great story captures the listener’s imagination and draws them inside the action. 

Doug Stevenson teaches how to craft and deliver stories that make a powerful and lasting point, and simultaneously sell you as a speaker. 

Learn to:

  • Identify your most powerful and effective stories
  • Discover the Nine Steps of Story Structure to make your story better
  • Use acting and comedy techniques
  • Harness the power of dramatic silence
  • Discover the magic of 3-dimensional storytelling
  • Brand your message to be memorable and marketable
  • For more information, go to: http://www.storytelling-in-business.com/keynotes-training/story-theater-method/ 

Doug will coach one or two volunteers on their stories so you can see how subtle acting techniques immediately increase the humor and dramatic power of a story.


Doug is a former professional actor, now speaker, trainer and speaker’s coach. He is the creator of The Story Theater Method and The Dynamite Speech System. He is a CSP, a past president of NSA-Colorado, and presenter at many NSA and GSF conferences and chapters.

Doug blends his acting experience with his keynotes, workshops and coaching. He helps executives and presenters use strategically chosen and crafted stories to make their content more entertaining, persuasive, and memorable.  Doug believes that “emotion is the fast lane to the brain” and stories, when told with authentic emotion and imagery, are the best way to create an emotional connection. People remember your stories!

Doug has presented in 16 countries. His clients include Microsoft, Caterpillar, Bayer, Coca-Cola, State Farm, Wells Fargo, ConAgra Foods, and over 72 CSPs and 8 CPAEs! Doug lives in Tucson, Arizona, with his wife Deborah (the VP of Everything). Learn more at www.storytelling-in-business.com

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