V1709 Making Meetings Magic with Louis Heckler, CSP CPAE

Making Meetings Magic 
with Louis Heckler, CSP CPAE

Our job is to be memorable and repeatable.  This session will focus on three key elements to make that happen:  How to find and creatively use up-to-the-minute information so you feel current and urgent…how to establish reading and research habits that will keep your material fresh and fascinating…and how to use stories and other support material to tie your experiences to universal truths.   Come learn from a veteran of more than 37 years in the business.

About Lou Heckler
Lou Heckler, CSP, CPAE, has been earning a living from the written and spoken word since he was 14.  A former broadcaster for 15 years, Lou has operated his speaking business since 1980 and it has taken him across the US and around the world.  He served 19 years on the adjunct faculty of the University of Michigan’s Business School…was a management and presentation skills trainer for the US Army and a major broadcasting company…and has spoken at nearly every NSA National meeting since 1987.  Lou has also done more than 150 chapter programs in the US and Canada, as well as a half dozen other countries. 


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