V1801 An Evening with Brad Barton, CSP

About Brad  

Who is this witty, magical business speaker who has corporate and association audiences across the country laughin’ and thinkin’ – and redefining disaster as opportunity?

Brad Barton – Motivational Speaker

Certified professional keynote speaker; NCAA academic and athletic All-American; and president of the National Speakers Association, Mountain West Chapter; this playful wizard challenges the illusion that tough circumstances are bad and reveals the powerful truth: opportunity doesn’t arise from disaster – disaster is opportunity.

Professional keynote speaker Brad Barton was a misdirected kid headed for disaster. He ran headlong into a stern Greek wrestling coach who looked at this skinny little rebel and created a world class athlete. He ricocheted off an English teacher who took the time to read his dyslexic ramblings and created an author and public speaker. He bounced like a positive pinball from mentor to mentor all the way to a successful happy life as a father of six, a husband, a corporate speaker – a life designed for failure but destined for greatness.

Whose greatness? The greatness of the corporations and associations this business speaker inspires.

Invite him to speak. The tricks and tales of this high-energy corporate speaker with the magical message will have you believing you’ve got magic before you can say “Shazaam!”